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"They were three hundred, they were young, strong and dead!" words from Luigi Mercantini's famous poem "The Spigolatrice of Sapri" which recounts Carlo Pisacane's catastrophic attempt to overturn the ruling Bourbon forces back in 1857. Throughout Sapri, numerous sites commemorate the event which, despite its tragic consequences for Pisacane's army, nevertheless paved the way for Garibaldi, man deemed responsible for the unification of Italy. Each year, in August, a re-enactment of the historic event is performed.

Sapri is not only a historic town but also a much-loved bathing resort. Situated on the Gulf of Policastro, on the southernmost point of Campania's coast of Cilento, for over ten years Sapri has been the worthy recipient of the European Blue Flag testimony to the town's beautiful beaches and wonderful clean waters.

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