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The Meaning of Different Flowers Explained


When buying flowers for someone, you need to understand what the flower means, when you contact flower companies in Dubai make sure you tell them the kind of message, you’re trying to send so you don’t pick out the wrong flower. In this article we cover some exotic flowers available in Dubai and what they symbolize so you don’t send the wrong message when delivering flowers to someone.

Snap Dragons

This flower has a rather non-friendly meaning to it. The flower signifies deception, deviousness, but it also means grace and strength. Snapdragons have two meanings.

Calla Lily

This flower denotes magnificent beauty. The calla lily is sometimes affiliated with the goddess Venus and consequently associated with love and lust.


Similar to other flowers available, the meaning of these also depend on the color. For example, blue symbolizes you are thinking of someone, whereas red translates to ‘forever mine’. So, if you plan on giving someone this flower you have to watch the colors.


Carnations too have varied meanings depending on their color. While some have a positive meaning to it, some depict a negative meaning. For instance, white ones symbolize sweet and lovely, whereas pink stands for remembrance. The other two denote negative meanings – two toned carnations stand for I cannot be with you and yellow stands for disappointment.


This flower has a very beautiful meaning, it means “the sun shines when I’m with you”, it is a perfect gift to give your partner.


It has a strong meaning to it which is “devotion, courage and strength.” They stand for those things because in harsh Alpine environments these flowers are able to survive.


This yellow beautiful flower is a perfect gift to gift a friend because of its meaning and what it signifies. The flower means “I trust you” and signifies friendship.


The true meaning of this flower depends on what color it is. While white represents truth and honesty, red on the other hand depicts love and yellow signifies refusal.


This would be a great gift for someone who just graduated, or just achieved something great, and you want to let them know you are proud of them. This flower signifies pride.


Gardenia is an exquisite flower that has a great powerful meaning. The flower symbolizes secret love, purity, gentleness, and joy.

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