New to Dubai? Here Are Some Tips to Beat the Traffic in Dubai

New to Dubai? Here Are Some Tips to Beat the Traffic in Dubai


Have you arrived in Dubai only a few days back? Are you for a holiday vacation or a business tour? The reason doesn’t matter as long as you are able to explore the city at your will. But there’s one problem. You have to counter lots of traffic in Dubai. There are all sorts of vehicles on the roads. The schedules remain busy for long hours. For example, Sheikh Zayed Road is always congested with traffic. You can solve the problem by availing services from car rental Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road. The company should be reputed and reliable. Read on to know about some full-proof tips to beat traffic in Dubai.

Drive During Weekends

It is always a good idea to choose a weekend to rent a car. The reason is simple – you have a lesser traffic rush due to closed offices. Also, there are no school and college rush. Hence, you get the roads empty. You will be able to smoothly drive on Sheikh Zayed road on any given weekend without facing any sorts of traffic-related hassles. Talk to the service provider about the schedule and invest in rental packages accordingly.

Avoid the Rush Hour

It is actually common sense to avoid the rush hour when you are thinking of driving a rented car. You would be in a better position to enjoy your driving session. The mornings are usually flooded with voluminous traffic. The offices are open. Also, schools and colleges remain open. It is essential to know the usual timings and plan your schedule to drive. Talk to the rental company about your preferences. There is practically no harm in driving during afternoons. You will feel relaxed zipping through relatively empty streets. Also, late nights are excellent times to drive.

Be Careful When You Drive

It is also extremely important to remain careful when you are behind a car and driving to a specific destination. Have your focus on the indicator light signal of the car just in front of you. In this way, you will avoid bumping into the car. This is indeed crucial to remain calm in the traffic and avoid all types of untoward circumstances.

Avoid Visiting Popular Spots

One of the wisest ways to avoid traffic is driving to a destination that is a bit off-beat in nature. You will be able to avoid a lot of traffic. Most of the people head to popular destinations, and that’s why those places are popular. You will have a scope to drive through comparatively lesser traffic-roads.

Call A Rental Service Provider

Call a car rental expert today to put all your traffic woes to bed.