What Makes a Good Patio Heater?

What Makes a Good Patio Heater?


A patio heater produces heat when the environment in Dubai is cold. Patio heaters a piece of notable outdoor equipment that complements the outdoor décor yet bringing some element of warmth with it.

It emits heat and also glows. The accessory comes in several types and styles. This article outlines some of the best features that make up a good patio heater product from SORSbuy to help you know aspects to factor in when looking for a heater to purchase Dubai.

A patio is the best to entertain your guests, especially in summer. But what happens when winter sets in and the temperatures drop?
With the right patio heater, you do not need to worry about weather changes. You may use your heater all year long.

So, what makes a good patio heater? Let’s find out.


The more powerful a patio heater is, the bigger area it will heat up. For most models out there, power is calculated in BTU. A high BTU rate means more energy the heater will be able to produce. If you check on manufacturers’ marketing material, they always indicate how much space their units can heat. However, the distance the heat can go depends on a number of factors, including the condition of the weather outside. You can use watt and BTU to make comparisons. However, they may mislead you. Apart from the power of the heater, don’t forget to check what other customers are saying about their products.


A good patio heater should be able to stand solidly against windy situations. If a heater fails, it risks a fire. A vast majority of heaters have an automatic shutoff button for that work. If you live in an area with a lot of wind, consider a heater that has this feature. Or, if not, figure out a way to fit the unit down. A wood or gas heater must be put in open area. Otherwise, you may cause a fire or carbon monoxide accumulation. Electrical patio heaters are safer. However, you still want to place them far from anything flammable.

Ease of Use

An impeccable patio heater is easy to operate for the entire time they are viable. A faulty one will demand constant maintenance, which is costly in the long run. How challenging is it to light your heater? An electric or gas heater are more accessible because you get to flip the switch, while it will take longer to light chimineas and pits. Some heaters require assembly or attaching So, you should ensure the unit you choose gives you peace of mind when using it.

A gas heater or misting fan Dubai units requires a single hook up while an electrical heater needs you to plug it in a power source. That’s all!