Top Five Reasons to Choose A Gold Certified Partner Company

Top Five Reasons to Choose A Gold Certified Partner Company


When one is to look for a partner who would help your organization from the IT front, the market is huge. There are a lot of vendors and all of them pose to be authorized. Getting a large part of those authorizations isn’t a very hard task. One does not have to learn a lot or spend a lot of time picking up the required skills in order to call themselves authorized. Even if their authorization has made them pick up the required skill sets, there is no guarantee that they will be proficient at them. If you’re looking for Microsoft Gold partners in Dubai who can support the Microsoft solution for your business, you would want them to have a certain sense of competencies as well as a credible certification denoting that their claim of having the competencies isn’t false.

Microsoft competencies are in line with how a consumer behaves which makes it really easy for the consumers to comprehend the expertise of the vendor. All you would have to do would be to review their competency. Microsoft offers partnerships wherein the vendor could simply be a partner or have premium certifications. For each competency, the vendor could have either a Gold or Silver partnership.

The best kind of partner to look for is the one who identifies as a Gold Certified Partner. The Gold Certification is superior to the Silver Certification. When a vendor is certified as a Microsoft Gold Partner, they have specializations in achieving solutions in niche areas. Below we discuss the top 5 reasons to choose a Microsoft Gold Partner:


A Gold Certified Partner is made to go through multiple number of audits that make sure that they become highly proficient in gaining the competencies. Once you form a partnership with them you would not have to worry about their delivery of service. They make sure that first you are provided with a demo and don’t directly dive into investing in the solution.

Funded Pilot Program

Microsoft Gold Partners are finely capable of providing their clients with the best possible solution. As mentioned above they provide a demo to the client that helps the client understand the solution that they are going to receive. The system is curated so efficiently that the client does not have to spend on anything other than the actual solution. The demo solution is funded by Microsoft itself.

Microsoft Backing

If in case the Gold Partner requires some advanced consultancy, they can directly seek that from Microsoft with an immediate, well-constructed response. 

High-Quality Service

A vendor with Microsoft Gold Certification goes through such an uncompromising regime of training that their client meets with the highest standard of service.

Modern Techniques

As the client of a Microsoft Gold Partner, you would be ensured that you’ll receive the highest level of competency with the most optimized, updated techniques.