What You Shouldnt Avoid During Core Training Exercise

What You Shouldn’t Avoid During Core Training Exercise


If you have been exercising for some time and the results aren’t showing, instead you end up feeling excruciating pain afterwards, this means you are not exercising right. This happens when training exercises are not done the proper way. The repercussion can be a torn muscle, fatigue and sometimes the feeling of lack of fulfilment. There are several mistakes that people tend to make while exercising. Although they are mostly not done on purpose, they can still be avoided. You can avoid it by finding the best gym in Dubai. This article will help you identify 5 mistakes often committed when exercising.

Performing the Same Workout

Doing the same type of workout is perhaps the most common error performed while doing a workout. Regardless of whatever reasons you have decided to work out, it is always important that you avoid the mistake of doing the same thing over again. The reason for this is obvious, you can’ t get a different result. When next you exercise, be sure to spice it up with some varieties.

Not Eating Right

The choice of food is as important as the choice of your work out plan. Everything can be in vain if you don’t eat right. People make the mistake of eating many carbohydrates with hope of replenishing their energy. This is a wrong choice of meal. The right food to stuff yourself with is protein. Protein helps to rebuild tissues in the body and promotes growth as well.

Not Sleeping Enough

Taking a break during exercise is very important but taking the right amount of break is more important. If you take too little rest, it can lead to fatigue while if you take too much rest, it can lead to lower heart rate elevation. It is very important to keep your heart rate elevated when exercising. A break of 30 seconds will just fine.

Warm Up Before Working Out

Most people overlook this aspect before exercising. It is very important to do some warmups before you start your exercise. This will make your muscles to warm up in preparation for the day’s activities. Always do some light exercise like taking a five minutes work or doing a few squats. With this, you are sure not to have a muscle pull or anything related.

Stretch Your Body

Post exercise activities is also as important as the exercise activities itself. Most people will just walk away after their work outs which makes it difficult for the muscles to repair after exercise. Remember to always stretch your body after working out to allow your muscles heal faster and build your strength.